English-speaking students

Dear students!

You could rework the missed classes in the summer according to the schedule.

01/07/2022 - 17/07/2022  Kaminska   M.O.

20/07/2022 - 08/08/2022 Savenko M.V.

11/08/2022 - 29/08/2022 Halahan A.A.

e-mail: 423@dmu.edu.ua

Department of Children’s Age Surgery

Dniprovsk State Medical Unsversity (DSMU)

Dear students!

In the classroom you must have indoor shoes, surgical suit, white coat, cap and mask.

Remember, that you are coming to the clinical department of pediatric surgery.

Links for on-line classes in Google Meet

from 9:30  to11:30 

Kaminska M.O.      https://meet.google.com/sof-cwno-ybe

Lukyanenko D.M.   https://meet.google.com/cwb-npsv-evy

Savenko М.V.         https://meet.google.com/gxi-zndd-xwo

Halahan А.А.           https://meet.google.com/waj-nwwt-pci

To the attention of applicants!

 The exclusive official site of Dniprovsk State Medical Unsversity (DSMU) is http://dmu.edu.ua The Unsversity does not have responsibility for information provided on behalf of DSMU on the other websites.

Please, pay the special attention

that the payment for training is carried out according to the contract through bank after admitting to the Unsversity with the obligatory indication in payment:"code of payment * ________; payment for training without VAT, of the student (name, surname) according to the contract №_____”.